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Teeth Whitening
Vineland, NJ

A woman smiling after teeth whitening at My Dentist Friend in Vineland, NJTeeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic procedure that can either be paired with another treatment or performed on its own. It is often done alongside veneers or bonding. Whitening is the bleaching of the teeth’s enamel in order to lighten its shade of color .My Dentist Friend offers teeth whitening that beats any over-the-counter kits found in stores. Our procedure is simple and effective, and it allows you to leave our surgery with a brighter smile.

What Happens When I Have Teeth Whitening?

First, the patient will have an appointment with one of our oral surgeons in order to discuss the treatment. They will ask the patient what the patient would like out of the treatment, then tell the patient what shade of white is practical for the patient’s teeth. Our team will take a mold of the patient’s teeth to create trays which will be used to whiten the patient’s teeth. Patients with crowns can still have teeth whitening, but they should be aware that the procedure will not affect the color of their crown. For this reason, patients with crowns may choose to whiten their teeth to a similar color to their crown so that it doesn’t stand out.

Anyone who has oral cavity complications, such as gum disease, will have to resolve their health issues before they can have teeth whitening. During the whitening procedure, our oral surgeon will ensure to protect the gums from the bleach by placing protective trays on your dental arches. The trays hold the whitening substance, which is activated when an ultraviolet light is placed over your mouth. At the end of the appointment, our oral surgeon will give the patient some top-up kits, which the patient will use at home every 6 to 9 months. These will help maintain the whiteness of the patient’s teeth and give the patient a brighter smile for a longer period of time. The appointment should take 2 hours.

How to Maintain Whiter Teeth

The top-up kits will go a long way in supporting the in-office whitening. However, other factors can affect the whiteness of the teeth. Coffee, tea, and wine are all drinks that stain the teeth when a patient drinks them. Smoking also causes the enamel to discolor, so cutting down on cigars, cigarettes, and e-cigs will help maintain a bright smile. Another obvious one is plaque and tartar, which builds up on the enamel of teeth when a patient does not brush twice a day and floss daily. Plaque forms a film over the teeth and discolors the surface. Keeping to regular appointments with our office will also help prevent plaque build ups, as our team will provide teeth cleaning during checkups and provide advice on how to brush properly.

My Dentist Friend offers a brighter smile through teeth whitening. Our team can boost your confidence with a whiter smile. Whitening is popularly done with other cosmetic treatments. Call 856-484-4114 now and book an appointment with one of our oral surgeons. There, you can discuss the different treatments you can have performed.
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My Dentist Friend offers teeth whitening that beats any over-the-counter kits found in stores! Call today to schedule an appointment, we can help you get the smile you deserve!
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