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Periodontal Care

Woman leaning back in dental chair looking up at dentistGum disease is a serious oral complication that can develop in the mouth. It must be dealt with in its early stages before it escalates into periodontitis, as it is uncurable at this stage. When a patient is unfortunate enough to suffer from periodontitis, our oral surgeons can offer periodontal care, a form of treatment that is used to limit the effects of gum disease on their daily life. My Dentist Friend offers periodontal care for those suffering from periodontitis by preventing the further escalation of a patient’s gum disease.

What Are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Gum disease in its mildest form is known as gingivitis. Symptoms of gingivitis are sore and reddened gums, bleeding when brushing the teeth, and oral pain. This is usually due to the patient neglecting oral health, and our oral surgeons will advise brushing twice a day for two minutes to prevent the gum disease from returning. Our team may give the patient a special mouthwash to get rid of current symptoms.

Patients who do not adhere to our oral surgeon’s advice will develop periodontitis. This form of gum disease is incurable, and the symptoms are worse. Patients can experience pockets developing between the teeth and gum, wobbly teeth and receding gums. These are serious symptoms that require constant care from our oral surgeons, as frequently as every 3 months. Surgical restorations may also need to take place in order to maintain the vitality of the oral cavity.

What Is the Procedure for Periodontal Care?

The most basic form of periodontal care is not unlike a routine cleaning that you would expect from a regular visit to our office. The only difference is that it is more intense and thorough. Using a scaler, our oral surgeon will remove any plaque or tartar from our patients’ gums and teeth. Root planing, which involves the smoothing of the gums to discourage bacterial growth, can also be used to prevent the development of periodontitis.

Gum contouring is another form of periodontal care in which the oral surgeon will remove any diseased tissue. This is moving more towards the invasive forms of periodontal care that also include teeth extraction - if they have become compromised, and bone grafts - if bone loss has been experienced. Care for the teeth must also be done at home, and periodontal care is not enough on its own.

Our oral surgeons rely on our patients’ keeping up their oral health to prevent the worsening of oral complications. We can advise our patients on the best flossing and brushing techniques to clean their teeth to prevent the buildup of plaque. Keeping to the periodontal care appointments is imperative to our patients’ treatment plan. Neglecting appointments will be detrimental to our patients’ oral health, and possibly to our patients’ overall health, as periodontitis can have negative effects on other parts of the body due to the invading bacteria.

My Dentist Friend takes gum disease seriously, and our team wants to help you from developing periodontitis. Periodontal care is there to prevent the worsening of your condition, and it allows us to educate you on your oral health. To book an appointment with us now, contact our office at 856-484-4114.
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